I have been blessed to lead our organization since its initiation in the winter of 2007. Our organization was born in the Back of the Yards neighborhood with the love of volunteers who envisioned the need to unite the community and support struggling families by creating safe environments for children to play and socialize. Our continued success is due to the time, talents, and dedication of our volunteers who implement the programs. We work together with community partners and utilize their spaces as assets to run our programs. We are thankful to our volunteers, sponsors, grantees and partner organizations that trust our mission and believe in our work. 

Since our inception, we have served thousands of children and young adults, many who are now in colleges, universities or young professionals. Our work has not been easy, but we have learned from our challenges and are always encouraged by future opportunities. I invite you to join our organization and help us galvanize new partnerships to create new programs which will impact our families in the southwest side of Chicago. Please help us spread the good news of faith, hope and love by encouraging donors, institutions, businesses, churches, friends and family to contribute towards this important effort.    

We ask you to pray for our work, partners, donors and volunteers which dedicate their time and passion with a full commitment of love and service to others.  Contact us if you want to help our effort, have new ideas or would like to join our organization.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Have a blessed day!

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Dr. Rafael Yañez     President / CEO

Dr. Rafael Yañez
President / CEO