Staff & Volunteers

America Campos, Interim Executive Director

Juana Medina, Director 

Art Committee / S.O.L.D.I.E.R.S. / SJLI
Rafael López, Jr, Director

Digital and Social Media
María de Jesús López, Manager

Peace and Health Community
Yadira Rojo, President

Soccer Youth Program
Alfonso Garcia, Director
Ramiro Chavez, Coordinator

Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI): 2017-2018 Student Council
Xitlali A. Yañez, President - Lindblom Math & Science Academy H.S.
Alexis Covarrubias, Vice President - Chicago Bulls College Prep
Arianna Almaguer, Secretary - Lindblom Math & Science Academy H.S.
Vanesa Covarrubias, Treasurer - Matthew Gallistel Language Academy

Past SJLI Presidents: 

2016-2017 Giovanni Felix - Richards Career Academy H.S. 

2015-2016 Rafael C. Yañez - Disney II Magnet H.S. 

2014-2015 Jonathan Mota - Richards Career Academy H.S. 

2013 -2014 Carlos Alcauter - Richards Career Academy H.S. 

2012-2013 Timothy Jacobs - Richards Career Academy H.S. 

2011-2012 Caronlia Manriquez, Founding President - Richards Career Academy H.S. 

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